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Old July 12th, 2013, 06:11 AM
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Grapes and Grandkids

I was sitting on the back deck yesterday evening enjoying my coffee and a reasonable evening temperature with a periodic light cool breeze. I was thinking about my grandkids - which I do rather often. My mind went back a few years, about six years - shortly after my daughter and her then husband divorced. My wife watched the kids daily, mostly at our home.

One evening while all of us were at the store milling through the produce section we happened upon a display of grapes. Red, green and black - big fat juicy looking red grapes (which weren't the seedless kind). They all looked soooo delicious. My older grandson asked me if I could get him some grapes. Of course I said "Sure" I let him pick the ones he wanted. I don't remember which ones he picked, but I eventually learned they like the red ones better - sweeter.

When we got back to the house I washed the grapes, placed them in some tupperware and stuck them in the fridge. My grandson came into the kitchen - trailed by his smaller brother, and asked if he could have a grape. I remember telling them to help themselves, you never need to ask anyone if you want a grape. You guys can open the refrigerator door and grab a handful anytime you want anytime of the day - just help yourselves.

From that day on we have had grapes in our refrigerator. They never had to ask for a grape. Sometimes they would stand at the door of the fridge with the tupperware between them picking the grapes off the stems eating them one at a time. They never asked for a grape - still don't. We try to always have grapes in the fridge and when they come over they still open the fridge and grab grapes.

Now my wife watches our 20 month old granddaughter. Eventually she will ask for a grape.

Gotta love those little ones. Gods gift to grand parents.
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