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Old May 25th, 2013, 08:39 PM
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Overbearing Sister-in-Law

My brother moved to Paris 6 months ago because his wife's mother has end stage cancer. I've been working a weekend job saving up to visit my brother since January of this year. We both don't speak French so my brother will be touring us around. I call my brother to tell him we are booking the tickets and hotel. My friend and I are staying for 10 days in October. My brother said his wife said it is not a good time for us to come. She just received news that her mother's cancer spread and I think doesn't have long to live.

We are staying in a hotel and we are not expecting his wife to entertain us. My brother said he is not stopping me but if my friend and I are coming, his wife will not be happy. I don't see how we are imposing, my brother will be touring us around, we won't even drop by their house or visit the wife because of her situation. A month ago she said it was ok to go, now after she learned we are booking tickets she said it is not a good time. I honestly think she doesn't want us to go to Paris. I don't understand how her situation although sad it may be has anything to do with us.

Do you think my sister-in-law is being unreasonable? if you were me, would you still book the tickets?
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