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Old June 5th, 2012, 01:16 PM
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Re: Generation Gap/Lifestyle Gap

But I really think she's going to be pregnant by the time she's 14, and start going from man to man the way so many young women do. She seems to have no goals, no interest in going to college. I said to her last year, You will need to do something, some career, you can't live with your parents all your life. And she said, Why not, my dad does? Touche. Sigh.
Some girls who do not have goals do wind up as young mothers. Her self-esteem needs to be improved so that she knows she's worthy of big dreams and talented enough to make them come true. Who does she have as an idol? What things would she like to own? She may be discouraged for wanting something better at home, but wanting something better than our parents is what drives progress.
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Old June 6th, 2012, 11:10 AM
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Re: Generation Gap/Lifestyle Gap

Hi Jill. I'm not a grandmother. I really don't have any advice or insight, however, I think you are to be commended for trying with your granddaughter, please don't give up. I don't know what kind of advice to give you, except that maybe speaking with a counselor yourself might give you some other ideas and approaches. One thing I thought of with the nail polish incident. Maybe an activity she would like is the two of you getting a manicure. Another idea that just occurred to me how about the two of you volunteering at a pet shelter/humane society? Sometimes animals can bring something out in people - and our local shelter always needs dog walkers. If you can also arrange for her to be around babies or really little kids - maybe a short volunteering stint at summer camp or church VBS. Sometimes hands-on experience with babies and little kids can make teens (and pre-teens) draw a conclusion about holding off on sexual activity. Or this could just be one more thing on your list of things that will help her broaden her horizons and discover an interest and possible career path.

God bless you for your consistency!
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