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Acronyms for the web/M-Z


M8 or M8s - Mate or Mates
MA - Mature Audience
MFD - Multi-Function Device
MfG - Mit freundlichen Gruessen
MHBFY - My Heart Bleeds For You
MHOTY - My Hat's Off To You
MIHAP - May I Have Your Attention Please
MILF - Mother I'd Like to F***
MKOP - My Kind Of Place
MM - Market Maker
MMHA2U - My Most Humble Apologies To You
MOMPL - One Moment Please
MOO - Mud, Object-Oriented
MOOS - Member Of The Opposite Sex
MorF - Male or Female?
MOSS - Member Of The Same Sex
MOTAS - Member Of The Appropriate Sex
MOTD - Message Of The Day
MOTSS - Members Of The Same Sex
MSG - Message
MTBF - Mean Time Between Failure
MTFBWY - May The Force Be With You
MUBAR - Messed up Beyond All Recognition
MWBRL - More Will Be Revealed Later
MYOB - Mind Your Own Business
N/A - Not Applicable -or- Not Affiliated
N/T - No Text
N1 - Nice One
N2M - Not To Mention
NAK - Nursing At Keyboard
NALOPKT - Not A Lot of People Know That
N-A-Y-L - In A While
NAZ - Name, Address, Zip (also means Nasdaq)
NBD - No Big Deal
NBIF - No Basis In Fact
NCG - New College Graduate
N-E-1 - Anyone
N-E-1 ER - Anyone Here?
NFI - No F***ing Idea
NFW - No F***ing Way
NG - New Game
NIFOC - Nude In Front Of The Computer
NIM - No Internal Message
NIMBY - Not In My Back Yard
NIMQ - Not In My Queue
NM - Never Mind or Nothing Much
NMP - Not My Problem
NOYB - None Of Your Business
NP - No Problem
NQOCD - Not Quite Our Class Dear
NRG - Energy
NRN - No Reply Necessary
NSFW - Not Safe For Work
NTK - Nice To Know
NTYMI - Now That You Mention It
NUFF - Enough Said
NW - No Way!
NYCFS - New York City Finger Saluet
OAUS - On An Unrelated Subject
OBTW - Oh By The Way
OEM - Original Equipment Manufacturer
OIC - Oh, I see
OK - All Correct
OLL - On-Line Love
OMDB - Over My Dead Body
OMG - Oh My Gosh
OMIK - Open Mouth, Insert Keyboard
ONNA - Oh No, Not Again
ONNTA - Oh No, Not This Again
OOC - Out Of Character
OOF - Out Of Facility
OOI - Out Of Interest
OOO - Out Of Office
OOTB - Out Of The Box -or- Out Of The Blue
OOTC - Obligatory On Topic Comment
OS - Operating System
OT - Off Topic
OTOH - On the Other Hand
OTP - On the Phone
OTT - Over the Top
OTTOMH - Off the Top of my Head
OUSU - Oh, You Shut Up
OWTTE - Or Words To That Effect
OZ - stands for: Australia
P&C - Private and Confidential
PANS - Pretty Awesome New Stuff
PD - Public Domain
PDOMA - Pulled Directly Out Of My ***
PDQ - Pretty Darn Quick
PEBCAK - Problem Exists Between Chair And Keyboard
PIMP - Peeing In My Pants
PITA - Pain In The ***
PLS - Please
PM - Personal Message
PMFJI - Pardon Me For Jumping In
PMIGBOM - Put Mind In Gear Before Opening Mouth
PMJI - Pardon My Jumping In
PO - Piss Off
PONA - Person Of No Account
POOF - Good-bye
POS - Parent Over Shoulder
POV - Point of View
PS - Post Script
PU - That Stinks
P-ZA - Pizza
QL - Quit Laughing!
QS - Quit Scrolling
QT - Cutie
R&D - Research & Development
R&R - Rest & Relaxation
RAT - Remote(ly) Activated Trojan
RBAY - Right Back At Ya
RBTL - Read Between The Lines
RE - Regards or Hello Again
RFD - Request For Discussion
RFR - Really F*#king Rich
RFS - Really F*#king Soon
RKBA - Right to Keep and Bear Arms
RL - Real Life
RLF - Real Life Friend
RMLB - Read My Lips Baby
RMMM - Read My Mail Man!
RN - Right Now!
ROFL - Rolling on the Floor Laughing
ROTFL - Rolling On The Floor Laughing
ROTFLMAO - Rolling On The Floor Laughing My *** Off
ROTFLOL - Rolling On The Floor Laughing Out Loud
ROTM - Right On The Money
RSN - Real Soon Now
RTBS - Reason To Be Single
RTFAQ - Read the FAQ File
RTFM - Read The F***ing Manual
RTK - Return To Keyboard
RTM or RTFM - Read The Manual - or - Read The F*#king Manual
RU - Are You?
RUMORF - Are You Male Or Female
RUOK - Are you Okay?
RUUP4IT - Are You Up For It
RX - Regards
RYO - Roll Your Own
S2R - Send To Receive
S4L - Spam For Life
SBTA - Sorry, Being Thick Again
SBUG - Small Bald Unaudacious Goal
SCNR - Sorry, Could Not Resist
SED - Said Enough Darling
SEP - Somebody Else's Problem
SF - Surfer Friendly or Science Fiction
SFAIAA - So Far As I Am Aware
SFETE - Smiling From Ear To Ear
SFX - Sound Effects
SH - Sh** Happens
SITCOMs - Single Income, Two Children, Oppressive Mortgage
SITD - Still In The Dark
SLIRK - Smart Little Rich Kid
SMAIM - Send Me An Instant Message
SME - Subject Matter Expert
SMEM - Send Me E-Mail
SNAFU - Situation Normal, All F***ed Up
SNAG - Sensitive New Age Guy
SNERT - Snotty Nosed Egotistical Rotten Teenager
SO - Significant Other (ie., spouse, boy/girlfriend)
SOHF - Sense Of Humor Failure
SOL - Sh** Out of Luck
SOP - Standard Operating Procedure
SorG - Straight or Gay?
SRO - Standing Room Only
SSDD - Same Sh** Different Day
SSEWBA - Someday Soon, Everything Will Be Acronyms
STFU - Shut The F*** Up
STM - Spank The Monkey
STR8 - Straight
STYS - Speak To You Soon
SUYF - Shut Up You Fool
SWAG - Scientific Wild *** Guess -and- SoftWare And Giveaways
SWAK - Sent (or Sealed) With A Kiss
SWALK - Sealed With A Loving Kiss
SWDYT - So What Do You Think?
SYS - See You Soon
TAFN - That Is All for Now
TAH - Take A Hike
TANSTAAFL - There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch
TARFU - Things Are Really F***ed Up
TAS - Taking A Shower
TBA - To Be Advised
TBC - To Be Continued
TCB - The Trouble Came Back!
TDM - Too Darn Many
TDTM - Talk Dirty To Me
TEOTWAWKI - The End Of The World As We Know It
TFDS - That is For Darn Sure
TFH - Thread From Hell
TFN - Thanks For Nothing -or- Til Further Notice
TFX - Traffic
TGIF - Thank God It's Friday
THX or TX or THKS - Thanks
TIA - Thanks In Advance
TIAIL - Think I Am In Love
TIC - Tongue In Cheek
TK - To Come
TLA - Three Letter Acronym
TLGO - The List Goes On
TLK-2-U-L-8-R - Talk to You Later
TM - Trust Me
TMI - Too Much Information
TMTOWTDI - There's More Than One Way To Do It
TNA - Temporarily Not Available
TNC - Tongue In Cheek
TNX - Thanks
TOM - Tomorrow
TOT - Tons of Time
TP - Team Player
TPC - The Phone Company
TPTB - The Powers That Be
TSR - Totally Stuck in RAM
TTFN - Ta Ta For Now
TTG - Time to Go
TTS - Text to Speech
TTT - That's The Ticket -or- To The Top
TTUL - Talk to You Later
TTYL - Talk To You Later
TVN - Thank You Very Much
TWHAB - This Won't Hurt A Bit
TWIMC - To Whom it may Concern
TWIWI - That Was Interesting, Wasn't It?
TXS - Thanks
TY - Thank You
TYVM - Thank You Very Much
U - You
U2 - You Too?
U-L - You Will
unPC - unPolitically Correct
UPOD - Under Promise Over Deliver
U-R - You Are
U-R W-S - You Are Wise
URYY4M - You Are Too Wise For Me
VBG - Very Big Grin
VBS - Very Big Smile
VC - Venture Capital
VEG - Very Evil Grin
VFM - Value For Money
VM - Voice Mail
VRBS - Virtual Reality Bull Sh*t
VSF - Very Sad Face
W/O - Without
WAD - Without A Doubt
WAG - Wild *** Guess
WAI - What An Idiot
WAMBAM - Web Application Meets Brick And Mortar
WB - Welcome Back or Write Back
WBS - Write Back Soon
WC - Who Cares?
WCA - Who Cares Anyway
WDYS - What Did You Say?
WDYT - What Do You Think?
WE - Whatever
WEG - Wicked Evil Grin
WF - Way Fun
WFM - Works For Me
WG - Wicked Grin
WGAFF - Who Gives A Flying F***
WIIFM - What's In It For Me?
WISP - Winning Is So Pleasureable
WIT - Wordsmith In Training
WITFITS - What in the F*** is this Sh**
WNOHGB - Were No One Has Gone Before
WOG - Wise Old Guy
WOMBAT - Waste Of Money, Brains And Time
WRT - With Regard To or With Respect To
WT - Without Thinking
WTB - Want To Buy
WTF - What The F***
WTG - Way To Go!
WTH - What the Heck
WTSDS - Where The Sun Don't Shine
WTTM - Without Thinking To Much
WU? - What is Up
WUF? - Where are You From?
WWY? - Where Were You?
WX - Weather
WYCM? - Will You Call Me?
WYP - What's Your Problem?
WYRN - What's Your Real Name?
WYS - Whatever You Say
WYSIWYG - What You See Is What You Get
WYSLPG - What You See Looks Pretty Good
WYT - Whatever You Think
WYWH - Wish You Were Here
X-I-10 - Exciting
XME - Excuse Me
XOXO - Hugs and Kisses
YA - Yet Another
YA yaya - Yet Another Ya-Ya (as in yo-yo)
YACC - Yet Another Calendar Company
YAFIYGI - You Asked For It You Got It
YCT - Your Comment To
YDKM - You Don't Know Me
YGBK - You Gotta Be Kiddin'
YHM - You Have Mail
YIC - Yours In Christ
YKW? - You Know What?
YMMV - Your Mileage May Vary
YNK - You Never Know
YOYO - You're On Your Own
YR - Yeah Right
YSYD - Yeah, Sure You Do
YTTT - You Telling The Truth?
YW - You are Welcome
YWIA - You're Welcome In Advance
YYSSW - Yeah Yeah Sure Sure Whatever
ZZZ - Sleeping, Bored, Tired
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Re: Acronyms for the web/ A-L

one more- OC -- online conversion

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