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Old May 1st, 2009, 10:43 AM
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The gift grab

Can't figure out really the best forum for this, so I'm putting it here. A post in the IL forum reminded me...

Does anyone have family/friends who are guilty of "The Gift Grab"? It drives me crazy.

One of DH's college buddies married a girl like that. She was very clear while they were still dating that she wanted a HUGE wedding so that she'd get tons and tons of gifts. Her P's had to borrow money to have a wedding that had more people than food (finger food) and drinks. The kicker? We visited about a year after the wedding... she had returned most of the place settings and silver (didn't like that pattern after all) and had used the money to buy herself and her DH new wardrobes.

I made a mental note to buy savings bonds for any future baby showers I was invited to.
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Old May 1st, 2009, 11:43 AM
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Re: The gift grab

Yes! My brother's family is like that!!! Invite or send announcement to everyone you remotely know so you can collect all the "loot" you can.

In addition, when his daughter became mobile (could drive), she would drive my my parents house on Christmas to pick up her Christmas check! Didn't stay for gift opening or dinner.

Then there's the type who has to give the "best" gift and/or make a public display of their "generosity". The event seems to turn into a competition!

(Please know that I consider this a fairly safe place to make these types of comments. The only person who hears this from me is DH otherwise I keep my mouth shut!)

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