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Old December 27th, 2017, 07:19 AM
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a new poodle for daughter!!

DD completed application to carolina poodle rescue...she was accepted for a little darling that had been found wandering around ft. bragg last March. (DD lost her almost 17 year old poodle girl last May, 2017 to cancer)

Soooo, dd's mother - me - suggests AND volunteers for a less expensive "road trip" since my car is really great on gas. The pup might NOT like flying, the flight could be delayed and on and on. It's a go, and I am packed. Car is gassed up and I even stopped for some snax to have along the way.

The usuals:

quiona chedder puff balls 3 bags
organic jelly beans
organic bananas/apples
bragg ginger drink
reeds ginger brews
gf grahm crackers
ginger snaps


We left Christmas Eve. 3:15pm-is. From basically Blizzard, IN for Columbus, OH. What a hellacious trip that was. NO VISIBILITY. My car, I named the blueberry for it's about that size, was ALL OVER THE ROAD. But at least still ON the road. Watching suvs fly by to only end up off the road in a shallow ravine. Sad. Note to self: price good winter tires for Blueberry before next road trip!

We "land" in Dublin OH at an amazing marriott for the night. Late. 11pm. NO PLACE SERVING FOOD. Cheese balls and jelly beans it is. We scarfed down two bags in a flash and they are really tasty with jelly beans!!!

This marriott did serve an amazing breakfast tho.

On the road to Rocky Mount NC on Christmas Day.


But the weather was wonderful -- blue skies. Warm temps in the 40's

yay. We got a little place for the night that was pet friendly and arrived around 530pm.

Then the foster mom pulls up, with poodle in tow and there goes myheart melting all over the parking lot.

She is adorbs. Has some things. But I - GLAMMA - cleaned her up a bit and at least she looks as if she isn't a street urchin any longer.
(We cannot find any place open for food...I am really hungry. So we end up having breakfast for dinner at a nearby Waffle House. DELICIOUS!! *****FIVE STARS FOR WAFFLE HOUSE)

Made it back to my place last night, 830pm-ish. Made the poodle cutie comfortable. (Oh, on way back in OHIO, stopped at Freshii for dinner. It was amazing! My car smells of onions really bad...hoping time will take care of that)

Now, it's getting her medicals together for her first visit to a new vet. I will take her to my pet's groomer this Friday, and we'll make sure she knows that people are capable of love and not what she was dealt with.

Hope Everyone had an amazing holiday - Chiristmas - and blessings to all for a wonderful new year!!

...land of the free. kind of...maybe...not so much.
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