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Old October 13th, 2015, 11:24 PM
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Mom and Dad always disrespects each other.

My dad is 64 and mom is 59. They've been together for over 35 years.

I am glad that I have good parents. We are 3 siblings in family. I live in another country (I just turned 31), my old sister got married and my younger sister (she is 20) stays with my mom and dad.

I've known my father and mother's behavior since my childhood. They always want to prove who is the boss. They never did anything together unless it shares their own interest. I grew up with very hard childhood. And I let go of my past. Since, I live in foreign country, my parent's behavior doesn't bother me. But, my younger sister has to face it everyday. Slowly she is loosing it. Recently I started to worry about my sister because I remember my childhood and don't want it happen to my sister, what I had to go through.

I am looking for solution. Can anyone please advise me, what should I do to make my parents realize that, they have to grow up and let it go.?

I often call them and talk with polite to explain them that they are "husband" and "wife". They must have to let it go and be happy with each other.

I am stuck, please help me.

Thank you.
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Old October 14th, 2015, 07:34 AM
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Re: Mom and Dad always disrespects each other.

vpbads, welcome to the forum.

This is a hard one because, as children, your parents' interactions affect you. However, you are now all adults and this is THEIR relationship.

As you have already experienced, they will not change based on your unwanted marital advice. And you may have to accept the possiblity that they not only don't want to change but may actually like their relationship the way it is.

You have already experienced the peace of distancing yourself from the behavior. Your sisters need to do the same, emotionally and physically. While your youngest sister may not leave the country, she certainly can leave the room. She does not have to witness this.
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