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Old January 25th, 2018, 12:48 PM
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Thought of sharing regular updates on the family

Hello All! As you all know sharing a home with 20 plus members of your family certainly brings its fair share of "liveliness" where even the little things suddenly seem much more amplified. With all that's happening at home, I thought of sharing the various on goings in our lives and maybe introduce the cast of characters I call my family. I do personally enjoy sharing my experiences and if you'd like these updates to be more regular, I would greatly oblige. Today I think I would start with a day in the life in a household of 27 people.

The early hours of the day, are an exceptionally quiet time. Breakfast in particular is a pleasantly private affair. Thanks to the apartment like layout of the house, the wife and I are able to enjoy our first meal together just as we always have. Once breakfast is over, that's when the day really gets started, when I normally leave my living area, I usually don't return until after dinner unless I need to prepare to go out for a particular occasion. The living area, closest to mine is down the hallway separated by a big brown door. That's where my daughter and her family live. On a normal day by this time my son in law and his father would head out to work. Sometimes I would send the kids to school if my daughter or her mother in law are busy. The bulk of the family would normally be on the bottom two floors. These sections of the house contain the majority of the "common areas" while they may initially appear similar, the second floor was designed to cater to "residents" while the lower floor is catered to "guests" the first person I would usually see upon going down would be my sister's husband. He would normally be on the phone with his son or watching the news in the common tv area. Frequently, my wife's uncle would join him unless its grocery day where he and his wife would go to the store and get our weekly supplies. My cousin who had recently moved in with her husband and mother, usually stay in their living area till about lunch. A well deserved period of rest considering their ages and health issues. My sister trying to keep busy would always be in between the lower two floors where she would be in her words"scouting" the various empty rooms to see what use she could put to them. My brother an automobile enthusiast and former mechanic would usually be in the garage for hours a day working on his bikes and helping to make sure that our vehicles are in order. The bottom floor where my parents, my MIL and FIL, grandma, great uncle and the caretaker stay is usually the busiest. My parents usually ensure that the various extra professionals needed to maintain the house are tending to the various repairs, renovations and redecorations that are needed. The elders of the family usually come out at about midday after the caretaker had ensured that they had bathed safely and had their medications sorted out. The kitchen would be occupied by my wife's brother and his wife who make the most of their experiences in running a restaurant to whip up a beautiful spread for dinner. Lunch is usually ordered in and left on the counter for the family to eat at their convenience. The backyard is also put to use by my wife's mother who enjoys planting flowers and by my FIL who has strangely gotten into taichi! I have a study/office area where I spend most of the day with the wife. As comfortable as our living area is, the walk up is usually not the most convenient for us hahaha! (Must be age!)

Normally dinner is a borderline festive occasion where the "master's dining room" is filled by the entire family where we talk about the day and address anything that needs to be spoken about over a delicious meal. On weekdays normally before dinner I would help the grandkids with homework and on weekends the entire family would usually tuck into a movie before bed. So that's an average day mostly as we try to balance privacy and togetherness. I do hope you enjoyed this not so brief anecdote and I look forward to the various opinions from everyone. Also if this interests you all do let me know if you would like these to be more regular as it would be my pleasure to share these with all of you. Hope to hear from everyone soon!
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Old January 30th, 2018, 07:42 AM
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Re: Thought of sharing regular updates on the family

I think the updates would be appreciated...and enjoyed...it's so nice to read about such a large family living together and getting along.

It is, indeed a joy, thank you for sharing.
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