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Re: Wedding Traditions

How big and elaborate is this wedding going to be, rattlesnake? It's in only three months? Wow. I'd be so overwhelmed!
I don't think it is going to be "big and elaborate" compared to some we hear about. She did show me a picture of her gown, which she bought BEFORE he proposed, lol. (I guess she was ready to say yes).

I only know bits and pieces of the plans but my grandchildren will be IN the wedding. I can't wait to see them all dolled up for this. This will be 10 hours away in a different state (her home town) and so only immediate family and a couple of his close friends will be attending from my side, which I think is okay especially since this is his second marriage, 3rd if you count that he married his first wife twice, the first time was two WEEKS before their first child was born and that was done by a JP with only immediate family, with a small party at my house afterward. The second time they got married a year later though they were already married legally, with a traditional ceremony. As I have mentioned elsewhere, I felt more like a mother to her than a MIL and did help plan (and pay for) that traditional wedding.

So this time, no I'm not feeling overwhelmed because the bride-to-be is 30 years old, knows what she wants and seems to be a very organized person (unlike DS and unlike his ex). Too early to tell because I'm sure there will be some surprises (not necessarily positive ones) but right now I'm seeing this as good and mostly all I have to do is fun stuff like pick out a mother of the groom dress and make travel plans for that weekend. Stay tuned for possible future venting and possible feelings of being overwhelmed!
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