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Wedding Traditions

I love weddings and try to think of them with optimism even in a world where I've been through a divorce myself and I fully expect that half of all marriages will fail.

My DS is getting married April 1, and this will be his second marriage, his bride's 1st.

So I have been "mother of the groom" before and have been mother of the bride and step-mother of the bride in several weddings.

I don't think many of the old traditions are really followed but I read about them anyway, because it is fun, I guess.

Well, I just read a couple of advice articles on "The Knot" regarding the mother of the groom dress and the mother of the bride dress. The article for the mother of the groom says to shop at least 6 months before the wedding! Well, the engagement announcement did not allow time for that. It also suggested that you should take your cue from the mother of the Bride, what she is wearing, and not to outdo her, etc.

So then I went to find a similar article for the mother of the bride and it said she should pick her dress at least a month before! Maybe they should have the same "expert" writing both articles! I wonder if that was a typo because I would think most mothers of the brides in even slightly elaborate occasions would want to get the dress more than a month in advance, especially if they planned for the mother of the groom to take her cue from that.

I just want to get something nice I will feel comfortable in but I do want to talk to the mother of the bride first. I've met her father, but not her mother. They are divorced. If she is wearing a shorter dress, I certainly don't want a long, more formal one, for example.

It reminds me of 5 years ago when my middle DD got married. Being the mother of the bride, I called the mother of the groom to talk about dresses. She was just totally NOT into it! She was not rude or anything, but was not interested in talking about it, said she'd get a dress a couple of weeks before.

This was her only son (only child, I should say) so I thought she'd be more interested. I have 3 grown children and three step children and so it is not like I have not already had experience with this stuff. Oh, well, just commenting on the differences in experiences and expectations. Anybody out there want to share experiences about their adult children's weddings?
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