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Re: Son moved back home - DDIL kicked him out

Hello Trixxie.

I'm reading here because I am having issues with my adult DS as well. I posted in the Grandparents forum since it involved his kids.

My DS is 29 and I don't know why he never grew up or followed my examples in life. It is hard not to blame oneself, especially when others out there like to blame mothers for things...telling me I spoiled him as he was the baby. I don't think he was any more spoiled than the next kid, but somehow he grew up very selfish, entitled, and irresponsible.

My DS does not live with me but I have most certainly been enabling him to live above his means in his "own house" for the past three years since his wife left him. I can relate that you feel your DS is doing your DIL wrong. My DS did not cheat; in fact xDIL cheated on him. I will never defend that, nor the lies and turmoil that followed soon after she left him. But I do understand why she was not happy with DS. I understand all too well. :'(

And after what we have been through over the past 3 years I'm shocked to hear myself say it but if they were in a court battle for custody, I don't really see myself siding with my DS at this point (they currently have 50/50). I sure hope your DS and his wife work things out.
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