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Re: How to work around a 'love at first sight'?

Overthinking everything is a negative habit I've acquired over the years and strengthened by continuously doing it.
I should stop. I realize that the time I use overthinking is precious time I could use actually going to the area I saw her and wait for her to reappear. At the end, improvising has given me better results than carefully planing how to talk to a girl.

I did walk there yesterday and waited around half an hour, but I didn't see her.
What I did see was, possibly, the woman she was talking with last time I saw her. This woman had a dog walking around, so chances are that that woman is the same woman.
Now, what I don't get about myself is that I have enough courage to actually enter, say, a small food store or a kiosk, and tell the clerk about this girl I saw that was cute, who I want to find. Problem is that there is a generalized sense of strong fear because young girls are being kidnapped all the time and appear dead.
(out of context: excuse my "easiness" on the subject. Sadly, it's been like this for some time now and people are slowly making this the status quo of my society.)

So, would it be a good idea to ask the woman who's walking the dog about the girl? I am tempted to look for the girl on Facebook. There is a group containing most of my town's neighbors. However, I don't want to use "cheats" to make it easier for me. Plus, don't want to spoil it.
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