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Re: "child" custody & "adult" child

This is never an easy situation for a parent. A child who is mostly with one parent often wants to go to the other parent for a holiday because it seems more exciting and interesting. While society says an 18 year old is an adult, there is still a lot of child. They will make decisions that are self-centered without considering a parent's feelings. As hard as it may be, do not take his decisions personally. It is not anything you have done or not done. These are the roller coaster years and it can all be unpredictable. If he is open to compromise, you can suggest a middle of the road solution when a situation warrants it. If you do wind up spending some holidays apart, make sure that you make a plan that is special and that you are with people who love and treasure you. When your son is back with you, you can still celebrate the holiday with him, it can just be a different day. You show love and you show goodness as a parent. It will come back to you one day, it is just not usually on the timetable we wish. Hang strong and be good to yourself.
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