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Re: Encouraging Parents to Put Final Wishes in Writing

My MIL has a CD at a bank specifically designated for her funeral expenses. (I can't remember what it's called.)

A few months before my Dad died, my sister & I made arrangements for his memorial and burial at my Mom's request. (I told Mom I was willing to make their funeral arrangements five years ago because Dad refused to pre-plan.)

Once our emotions were in check, we were quite surprised at what we found out. The funeral home we wanted to use was about 25% higher than our second choice. When I asked them about the price difference, we received the lower price. We found out we could bury Dad (and Mom when her time came) at the local Catholic cemetary even though we weren't Catholic. The Catholic cemetary had much better pricing for the urn and head stone (plus the quality was execellent.)

We are so pleased with Dad's final resting place! It is only 2 miles from my Mom's and very convenient to stop by to see him. I live about 500 miles away from my FOO and I stop by on my way in and out of town.

I am a true believer in pre-planning as much as possible. Right now DH agrees with pre-planning but still isn't interested in making the plans.
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