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Re: Teachers with self management teaching styles

Originally Posted by snafu View Post
What it he supposed to be teaching?
Hes a year 7 teacher and the kids have him for everything except for when they go off to do options like cooking,woodwork,sewing,art once a week.

When I met him at the beginning of the year I was under the impression that he was strict and the kids knew they had to tow the line with him.But as the year has progressed I have noticed hes off at least one day a week and sometimes more,that there is no consistency in the so called work they get to fact I doubt they have learnt anything with him. The work they do is never marked or looked at.He said class is so boring because they dont get much to do anyway.Although it was checked at the start of the year,put has gone down to not even being looked at now.He seems more about himself and what he does in his surfing business by the sounds of things....hes supposed to be teaching them all the basics like math,reading,writing,spelling etc......any work my son has done I have seen it and it looks very good,hes completed a few speeches and done them and hes the type of kid his book work is beautifully done and writing is very tidy......hes complained to me the teacher doesnt even bother to check on those kids who actually do nothing.He said one boy walks around causing trouble and never even gets told off for it.No matter how bad he is,hes ignored and allowed to get away with murder....I have seen this kid and hes a handful for sure.If I had known it was a totally unstructured environment I wouldnt have put my son in there. Boys need a firm hand at this age and they are easily distracted,they dont need a teacher who lets them do whatever,whenever letting them roam free aswell.

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