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Teachers with self management teaching styles

Ok so yesterday I had a conversation with my 12 year old sons teacher. I told him I had opted to move my son into another class for next year as I felt he would benefit from this new female teacher because she is very sports minded,is involved in a lot of sports and I liked her teaching style that is very structured. I said to him I appreciated him being my sons teacher this year and that the choice to move him wasn't about me not be happy with him.My son would have been in this same teachers class next year if I hadnt opted to move him.This conversation was at school while I was waiting to go on an athletics inter-school competition trip,and we were just waiting to go off for the day with the other sporty teacher who will be my sons new teacher next year.My son was selected to represent the school in track and field and Discus of which he ended up coming first and second and is going through to represent our area in a championship for our region in a week or so.

What happened next was a surprise though.My sons current teacher said he wasnt really worried if I didnt like him,which was odd lol...he went on to say that he would have recommended my son go into this other teachers class as my son needs to have a different structured environment anyway,as he doesnt think hes suited to self management. He then said that he was getting attitude from my son,and he didnt like who he was sitting with during class.He said he was going to phone me about his behavier.I said so what is he doing that is so bad?.He said hes answering back when given a task and challenging him sometimes when asked to do some thing.That hes been warned about talking when in class etc. He said he was going to call me to a meeting over it. Now I dont think my son is an angel but I also dont really think this was anything major.I said is he being disruptive,he said no.

When I questioned my son about this he was upset and in tears and said that its not really fair about what was said.He said the teacher is not even there 1-2 days a week sometimes and they are left with relievers(which is true and has been happening for most of the year). He said when this teacher comes back to school they dont do much at all and sometimes he just wants the kids out of his face and tells them go and do work.Sometimes they are told to do homework like make a speech or do a study on something and write about it,but its never even looked at or marked as the teacher forgets about whats hes asked them to do before hes taken days off??.My son said the teacher walked up to him and said go and do some work after having a day off again, my son said I dont have any to do sir,the teacher said just go and do something,anything.My son said the teacher is very vague with his instructions and sometimes they are left to just draw or read, not really knowing what is expected,and they dont get much work to do. My son said he was told off sitting next to some boys who were acting up for talking. When they got told off again he was included in the telling off just for sitting next to them. Apparently they are allowed to roam the classroom at their will and given no direction at all.This teacher is a hippie surfer who is quite busy with his surfing business outside of school so I suspect thats why hes off school sometimes. My son hasnt learn very much at all this year in his class. I just told my son just become the invisible student and dont give this teacher any room to look at you,as its only a few weeks to go.Try to read the situation better when it comes to being told to do work,and to just go and draw if that's what this guy wants you to do.I said and dont sit with that group of boys in class,as it will be better for him.I also said dont talk in class either. I said be smarted about not annoying the teacher,if he wants you do just anything grab some paper and draw.

On the other hand I had sensed this class style is too airy fairy and that's why I shifted my son before hearing this last week.The new teacher said she would be more than happy to have my son and that he is in her class as requested for next year.She said she will help him develop his sporting ability.I was told this guy was a good teacher,but I wasnt aware of his self management style.I also dont think my son is a saint,but I can see why the kids would be confused about doing work when there isnt even any given out.

I dont agree with self management in classes at 12 years old, I think kids need clear direction and the teacher I have chosen for next year is strict,she sat and told the kids in the stands yesterday at athletics about behaving and not getting into trouble while we were on a trip.She also told them before we left she wasnt standing for nonsense and bad behavier from anyone so do not try it. I like her style. I think my sons current teacher is too relaxed and vague in what is expected.The new teacher said believes in a very structured style and environment where everyone knows what is expected of them.My son is a bit like me, he pedantic and likes to be clear on tasks given to him.I dont blame him for saying I dont have any thing to do sir,and you havent given us anything anyway??......some teachers these days cant seem to manage kids and want to call us down to the school for kids talking in class?. My son certainly isnt a trouble maker, hes pedantic but thats his worst attribute. Last year my son suffered teacher changes in the class three times during the year,due to one teacher who couldnt decide what she wanted to do, she turned into a negative Nancy towards the kids telling them she didnt want to even be there when she came back and the other guy was fired??.Then they also had another guy who left after one term due to being inexperienced in the first place.On the other hand this current teacher said my son has leadership qualities and is very sporty and athletic which has gained him respect from his peers,which could lead him to become head boy for the school next year.I am happy my son is not meek and mild and has a bit of fire in him like me lol. You need it in today's world....I do appreciate teachers and all the hard work they do, but some are a bit odd these days for sure!!

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