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Well, I posted in another part of the forum about the wedding plans so I will try not to repeat myself too much.

The Christmas fiasco has not been forgotten by me because DS all but ruined that day for me and for his own children, and for what? Interestingly, most of GD's gifts were "given" to her mother to "give to her nieces." Well it sounds like these gifts never made it to the nieces, or they all play together with them anyway.

And I know that they gave some of my grandson's stuff to his one friend from school, but when I went in GS's room last week, lo and behold one of the gifts I gave him was set up in his room. He would have even likely needed help to set it up so "somebody" must have decided he could have that gift. (It was not the "one" that he chose as his only gift he could keep from what I gave him). I was not about to ask any questions, but was happy to see he was happily playing with it.

Well, I've said it many times already, I for sure will only get the kids "one gift" for any future Christmas unless I get specific instructions from DS that I may do otherwise.
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