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Can someone help with family situation

I have had conflict with my dad and his wife for a long time. I am a married adult with children of my own. I have not seen my dad for 2 years. I have called and sometimes we have an ok conversation and other times it will be awkward or he will not answer the phone and take weeks to call back if at all. He called end of Jan on my daughter's birthday and as I was not near the phone I did now answer. I called back in literally 10 min later and left him a message. I called again the next day. He has not called me back and it is now April. I got an email from him yesterday asking me if he and his wife can visit next month. I have felt very anxious and stressed in the past dealing with problems that circulate around his wife and no longer want to deal with it. I told my dad almost a year ago that it would be best to not expect me to have a relationship with his wife. He completely ignored it. I want to be able to see my dad again but feel sadness and resentment that I have to be around his wife to be able to do that. I want to communicate how I feel but know it will anger him, he probably will not talk to me anymore and then I will feel tremendous guilt because of it.
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