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Re: Here we go again with the step mother to be

KayKay, you wanted to know why he should be embarrassed to sign it. The reason he should be embarrassed to sign it is because it could never be enforced, and I know him well enough to know he is smart enough to know that.

It seems to totally ignore that his children have a biological mother who would get ALL RIGHTS in the event of HIS death, and I am certain that he cannot "will" his parental rights to even his own wife, if the bio mother is still living. But even assuming that his ex-wife was also deceased, this document went further, to suggest that if both he and his wife were deceased (so unlikely, but anyway...) that the children should be with his wife's sister, in a state 10 hours away. The sister has met these kids maybe twice, both times in wedding planning circumstances.

And if the sister cannot take this role for any reason, next on the list is two of HER friends, who were bridesmaids at the wedding. They live in distant states and have only seen the kids the wedding. I believe that is the only time DS met them in person as well, and yet he signed this "living will" that lists them as HIS friends.

As time passes and I keep trying to make sense of something that makes no sense, I think the theory he did it to keep his wife happy, thinking it would make no difference and I'd never know, might be right. But then this makes what his wife is doing even more concerning since she sent a copy of it to my oldest DD. There was no note or explanation, just the copy of it, clearly with DIL's return address and handwriting on the envelope, but the document inside was a copy of what DS signed and had notarized.
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