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Re: Thinking of removing myself from my adult children's lives

Well, it has been almost 3 months since I started this thread. First day of Fall today!

But, the reason I'm re-visiting this thread is my newest grandchild is due the end of October/beginning of November and the Holidays are coming up.

Remembering how I have spent the last two Christmases, I asked my daughter that lives close (and having the baby) what she thought they may do for the Holidays, explaining that I wanted to know to make plans for myself if they wouldn't be around. She says that they would probably have a quiet Christmas with a new baby, etc. Now, his parents don't live here and I wondered about whether her hubby would want to visit them, as they always do at Christmas.

Sure enough, yesterday I get a text; they will be gone at Christmas. Can't say it surprised me, but ok. I'm down to my other daughter who is in another state. Now I had planned to visit my daughter that lives here maybe right before Christmas and then go down to see the other one anyway. So I think, maybe i should let her know that I'd like to visit. So I sent her an email this morning explaining that I'd like to see them over the Holidays and just let me know when was good for them in case her hubby had plans to have his parents down, or they could be having friends down, how do I know. Haven't heard a word.

Now I know it's early, but I can't find out at TG or the beginning of December that they've both made plans! Then I end up scrambling around or maybe doing nothing b/c things are booked up. Maybe now those reading this can see why I get frustrated. If I go ahead and make plans, then it looks like I don't want to spend any holiday time with them. If I wait, I could end up not being able to do something or pay more or whatever. Ugh!

The last two Christmases since I retired - I usually had to work during the holidays when I was employed - I have spent sitting in my apartment, alone. I really don't want to spend Christmases like that.
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