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Re: How do I get my to contribute.

Hmm. I'm almost afraid to answer this, because I don't want to offend you. You are obviously a hard-working guy who has his priorities in the right place, and deserve praise for that.

The thing that strikes me is that your entire post seemed very self-centered. Please know that I don't mean that as an insult! It's just that you are very clear about how your situation has affected you and your life, but don't talk much about your wife. Does she contribute to the household in other ways? Cooking, cleaning, child care, etc.? What I'm trying to get at is that it doesn't seem, from the way you presented it, that you and your wife are a team working for a common goal (sending your son to college). Your wife doesn't seem invested in being a part of your team, and I wonder why?

Originally Posted by aregularfamilyguy View Post
Her argument, always, is, that she was living peacefully at the house council provided (receiving benefits) and I made her come back, so, I have to take care of it all.
So what she is saying is that her life away from you was better than her life with you? I'm confused. How did you "make" her come back. Maybe you are of a culture I'm not familiar with. She has free will and the right to decide for herself about coming back and staying, correct?

I'm sorry, I don't think I'm being very helpful. I'm just confused about the scenario. Your wife could be clinically depressed, she could be very unhappy in your marriage, she could be burned out from nursing and need a career change, or she could be working very hard in the home and with your son while you are working the 60 hours per week and unable to take on more. I really just don't know. Would you mind posting more about what her day-to-day life is like? Does she worry about bills too?
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