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Re: Is it normal for an ex-wife and a new wife to bond?

no, your right, it isn't normal, but it has been done by people. My son's father and I were best friends in high school. He was there for me keep me from running away after graduation, he asked me to marry I did, we were young and surely did not understand the pro's and con's of love.

Fast forward, the marriage did not work out, he loved me more than I would ever be capable of loving him, and knew that I could not give him what he I left him...

He met a lovely woman and we became friends, both attending all my son's sports affiliated games, and we'd talk....and she was truly an outstanding lady....I told her once, that I would be very proud to have her as my son's step mother, and she cried and hugged me, and I would have...I don't say what I don't mean....

Unfortunately, my ex didn't chose her, but I bet, in some ways, he wishes he had...the woman he met and married was (her) best friend who sunk her hooks into him. You see, he was very wealthy and the new woman knew it.
So did the gal I liked so much, but she wasn't a gold digger.

People do things and feel the way they do, not for one reason but for, there isn't a one size fits all answer....I wish for the children's sake, people would put aside their jealousy, their bad feelings for each other and just behave like grown adults instead of using the children to hurt each other....the relationship you speak of, is not unheard of....

I have always wished my son's father great happiness....we just were not a good fit...nothing in common, but, very good friends....nothing more. He was like a brother to me...loyal, a down to earth really nice person...who wanted to help his girlfriend, many years ago...there are different kinds of love, and not all are the husband and wife kind...I still do love him, even after all these years...
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