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Re: Is it normal for an ex-wife and a new wife to bond?

I would say it is not common, but not that rare for the ex and new wife to be friends. But I think you are starting to see this may be more like a three way thing, and your brother, whom you know to be abusive is enjoying the whole scene and it may very well be that these two women have low self-worth and have convinced themselves this whole scene is a good thing.

If they were just friends, I would say more power to them, and agree that is better for the kids. But based on what you wrote, I have a tendency to agree with you that something sounds weird and a little over the top. But it is their business and if they all say they are happy with the circumstances, there is nothing you can or should do.

This actually does remind me of an ex wife and new wife that I know, who are seemingly "best friends." I am friends with them both too, but more like casual friends, not close close friends. At least I know the husband was not involved with the new wife while married to wife #1 since the friendship started years after the divorce. His ex wife remarried too, and the two couples are all very close and vacation together, etc. Yes, I think it is a little weird, but to each their own I guess.
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