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Re: Son moved back home - DDIL kicked him out

That's what I think too - unfair for her.
That's why when DDIL said "don't make it easy for him" I totally agreed.

I hadn't thought of that - however, I think she wouldn't want to stay here - her Dad lives nearby too. BUT, I like that idea that if this goes on for too long that she should be a "single" for awhile.

Yep, whatever the issue is, my DS is doing his thing. He's out playing basketball with his buddies. He's done this for years, even before he met DDIL....

PS - I sent you a msg - I posted in the wrong area - I should've posted in "adult children" versus this one.

PPS - I happened on my first post when we first started here. Interesting memories...

I'll update on the other DDIL in another thread - we get along famously now!
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