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Re: Corona Virus

The part about quarantining after being exposed makes sense to me. It's important to quarantine, but it's also important to not disrupt lives to the point where people refuse to cooperate. If 7 days is adequate according to health authorities, I'm good with that. I'll follow my own comfort level on my own.

The part that DOESN'T make sense to me is the people who have Covid. The person who exposed me did the "You know, I DID have a slight cough that I thought was allergies and post nasal drip the Saturday before" when she talked to the nurse who put her in quarantine. So they counted that as the start of her symptoms and started counting for her quarantine then, even though she went downhill FAST - in the space of two hours - on the Thursday after. She was back at work 5 days after she had to be driven home because she was feeling so badly. She had two household members come down with symptoms and test positive during those 5 days. She hasn't been able to stay at work more than a half day because she is feeling so poorly, and she did miss one day altogether.

I had to drop something off in her office one day and she didn't have a mask on. I didn't stay.

I don't understand why quarantine doesn't end X number of days after symptoms go away or a positive test versus X number of days after symptoms start. (I know more than a few people who had no symptoms but found out they had Covid when they had to test for other reasons).
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