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Re: Thoughts on elderly caregivers

Apologies for the late reply all... Had I answered the question regarding the my cousin's health at the moment it was asked I would have said it was fine or possibly slightly better than someone her age. However a few days after my original post, she had quite the health scare as she collapsed due to exhaustion. Fortunately her husband was able to call for help almost immediately without alerting my elderly great aunt who was asleep. Both husband and wife were sent to hospital ( as they did precautionary checks on the husband as he recently had heart issues and kept my cousin a couple of days). The kids were unreachable as they were at work. It was a great shock to my great aunt as she awoke to an emergency service worker overwhelming her with questions. Thankfully my sister had left our contact information and to our relief great aunt was able to recall that our details were written on a note left on the fridge!

So we were promptly called over and I went with my brother and brother in law to pack up certain things to bring to the hospital and to bring my great aunt over to our place as she could not be alone. Fortunately that was easier than expected due to her still being able to walk mostly unaided. After my cousin and her husband were both discharged from hospital they decided that it would be best that the three stay with us for the foreseeable future and decided that they may no longer provide full time care for their grandson. I personally wouldn't think it would be safe for 3 people of old age and health issues to be living unattended while caring for a child. While this has cause some inconvenience and some slight friction with their kids as we live half an hour away and they can't drop their child off after school, We still feel that having them over would be at least for now the safer option.
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