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Thoughts on elderly caregivers

Before I start this I'd like to wish everyone a happy new year! I do hope your holidays were all enjoyable. Our house was packed to maximum occupancy but our festivities went on smoothly. (Might talk about them in detail in a future post). One thing that has been on my mind since everyone left is the "issue" of a sole or major caregiver in a family being someone who's fairly ahead in years. During the holidays I had a cousin of mine who at 78 is the sole caregiver in her family caring for her husband who is recovering from a heart attack as well as her 102 year old mother (the sister of grandma and great uncle who live with me) yes I know we last pretty long especially on my mother's side hahaha!

On top of that my cousin is also a primary caregiver of her school aged great grandson who she watches over while his parents work. The family and I at home are still weighing the many options on how we can help but have yet to reach a definite solution. To me a situation like this is fairly unheard of in my family as my more immediate relatives are always taken care of either by younger able bodied family members or professional help. I am a personal believer that a person over 65 is at that part of their life where they ought to take it easy but at the same time I also believe that family should take care of each other. What do all of you feel about the situation of an elderly person being a sole caretaker of a family including small children and even older people. I look forward to your responses
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