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Re: Son moved back home - DDIL kicked him out

Originally Posted by KayKay View Post
Hi trixxie!!

I agree... be Switzerland. "I love you both very much and hope that you can work it out." Offer to watch the kids if they want to go to counseling. Other than that...

I will say though that whatever the issues are, your DS living in your house needs to be living there as an adult boarder and not as your son. I'd be tempted to do his laundry, cook his meals along with mine, etc. I think maybe he needs to be very clear about what life as a single dad would be like.

Good luck, to you and to your son and DDIL.
I had to tell my husband to keep his mouth shut. It's none of our business. He's 35 years old and needs to figure things out.
AND YES!! I won't be mothering him and make things easy for him. If DDIL asks - I will help out with the grandkids.

BTW, missed seeing you around. I'm sorry there is a lot going on with hubby with him being on the transplant list.
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