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Re: DNA testing

Yes, my DH and I recently did it. I did understand about the DNA in the database thing. That is kind of unnerving but I thought about it and figured well if we do something criminal they'll find us easily, but we are not planning to so there is that...

We had already done this at the time the news came out about the Golden State Killer. Did any of you follow that? He was found, largely due to a relative of his being in a database. When they found similar genetics, they started looking more closely at family members and then finally managed to get something from the trash that the Golden State killer left there with his DNA on it.

There is something that sparked me to do this as I previously had no interest. One of my brothers did it a few years ago and it turns out we have a first cousin we didn't know we had. This cousin is also in the database, but she was adopted out as a baby and recently hired a PI to help her find her bio family. So it was not just the database that led to this but it is part of it. At first I was in disbelief when we learned which Aunt had given up a baby all those years ago. I want to word this carefully because I am no in no way judging her for that; I am just surprised because of the family I come from, it seemed my Aunts (including this one) were sort of judgmental of people who did not live perfect little lives. There were 5 siblings in my father's family and my father was definitely the black sheep. Seemed the rest of them were all goody-two shoes and perfect with this one Aunt being the most perfect of all. So it is just a surprise. My father is long gone and so are all of the siblings except that one Aunt who is the bio mother of my newly found cousin. I don't believe my father and mother ever knew this and I wonder if anyone in her family even knew as she did go out of state at the time she had this baby. So it was the finding of a new cousin that really sparked my curiosity.
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