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Re: On Grandparent Rights

Quote: By the way, why in the name of heaven, did you marry your spouse anyway...if you so despise his or her parents so much. And why would your spouse have married you, if your parents were so awful...what could he/she have seen in YOU???????

I married my spouse for him... not his parents. Whether I like them or not, I love my husband. I didn't marry him to be friends with my MIL... although that would have been nice. I can't help the fact that she thinks she can do what she pleases with my child because she is the grandma...she can't and that is that. I can't help that she wants to manipulate situations to make her son feel bad for her.... in my opinion, she needs to grow up and stop living out her life through my husband. It is one thing to have a healthy relationship with your son... but to depend on him for your happiness? (this is what my MIL does) is wrong.

So to answer your question.... I don't care what kind of person she is... I don't have to like her, to love my husband.
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