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Re: Mother-in-law keeps insulting my race.

Originally Posted by mrfrank82 View Post
My wifeís mother keeps saying mean things about men and women from USA. Basically, she dislikes americans because of what she sees in the media about our racism issues and attitudes during distressing times. I try to convince her that every country has problems like that with locals and people in all shapes and sizes but she just wonít listen. She believes that all americans are gun-loving and racist freaks that do nothing but spread war and hatred. How can I convince her otherwise? Iíd love to have a great relationship with her but I donít see that happening.
sorry you're doing through this. I doubt you can convince her otherwise. It's difficult to change the minds of others if they're already set in there ways. I can tell you that my husband is of a different ethincity. It was difficult for my Mom is accept him in the beginning. She had some bad encounters with people in his ethnicity before and that was her experience. I know it doesn't mean everyone is that way.
I married my husband for man that he is. Over a period of time, he was able to prove her wrong. She didn't believe in him and didn't think highly of him either. Because he stayed being who he is and helping out and maked effort in his relationship with her. She changed her thoughts about him.
I never told him about what she thought of him and know it wouldn't serve the relationship.
It's hard and I totally understand. I would recommend if you want to give it a shot is to just remember they only know what they know. Eventually without any expectation you might win her over in your own way. Or you might not. But least you can walk away from the situation knowing that you tried and did your best because you're not ignorant.

Wish you the best!
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