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Re: Finding my dog a new home

Originally Posted by Jessspin01 View Post
I was able to take my dog after my divorce. She's 4 years old and she's a miniature pinscher mix. Her name is Zoey. I'm currently living with my uncle and his dog. He allowed me to bring her and have her live with me here. I have been looking at apartments for months. I'm working on saving my money for a down payment. I also need a car since my ex got that in the divorce. I have a lot on my plate right now. I feel hopeless with not being able to find a place where I can bring her with me that's also affordable and within a reasonable distance from where I live now. I work from home at the moment, but soon I will need a new job because my current position is relocating and I am unable to accommodate the move. I can only afford so much for rent and most corporate complexes near me are too expensive. I don't want to live in the city because it's too far from any job I'm gonna get, the taxes are higher, and all my family, friends, boyfriend are here.

My mom is super guilting me for even thinking of having to find Zoey a new home. There are a ton of privately owned apartments all around this area and for miles around and a lot of them are affordable. Once I get a car, I will drive around and look, but I have to say I am working with a realtor and so far she's come up with nothing that takes dogs. My mom's friend has a dog rescue and is willing to help me find her a new home. This would be good for her. This way I am in charge of who she goes with instead of dropping her off at some shelter or rescue where I have no idea what happens to her. I can go see the potential adopter's home and bring her a few times to get used to them and make sure it's what I want for her.

I think either way, I'm gonna be devastated to lose her. Whether or not I do now or wait until the last minute and know that I can't find an apartment that'll take her. I just don't know what to do. Half of my family is like, "you gotta do what's best for you." and the other half is like "you can't give up your dog. She's great. That's horrible." I'm conflicted. I love her so much and she was the one good thing that came out of my marriage, but if I can't afford a place and be able to bring her what am I supposed to do?
Would your doctor be willing to write a letter saying you need your dog for your emotional and mental well being? We are landlords and we must by law allow pets for those reasons.
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