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Re: Finding my dog a new home

Originally Posted by KayKay View Post
That's so sad. I'm sorry Jessspin01.

Is your uncle willing to let you stay there for a little longer? It sounds to me like the first thing you ought to do is find the new job, then find the new apartment (can your boyfriend drive you around if you give him gas money?), THEN decide about your dog.

And I hate to say it because I don't know if it will upset you, but should you offer Zoey to your ex before giving her to a stranger since (presumably) he cares a lot about her too?
Hey Kaykay,

My ex won't take her. He doesn't want to be in the same situation I am currently in (of having difficulty finding an apartment with a dog.) I've offered to my mom, my cousins, and no one can take her. My uncle is allowing me to stay for an indefinite amount of time. I don't even have enough saved for an apartment yet. So it's not like this happening right now. Maybe once I start driving around, I'll find a place that takes dogs, but I'm just not hopeful because every privately owned apartment I've come across said no pets. Yes, I do need to focus on the job first. Well car first, then job, then apartment once I've saved enough.
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