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Re: When a dear friend leaves you and you don't understand why

Originally Posted by KayKay View Post
Mr Eko, how long have you and this person been friends? Is this the same person that you posted about that was upset because the two of you had a difference of opinion?
Yes. It's the same one. The funny thing is, I remember hand wringing over that problem, thinking that it was going to end the friendship. That was a walk in the park compared to this. Even though things got rocky there for a bit, at least I still had her in my life then. We had a long discussion about our difference of opinions and realized that we did actually agree on many other things, and there really were only a small handful of things that we didn't agree on, so it was best to just avoid those few subjects. After that, things were great. it seemed. I'm seeing a lot of things in retrospect. I've recently found out that she has a history of this, and it's partly due to her family's influence over her. I knew from the jump that her family hated me. And it wasn't because of anything that I did, because I didn't even know any of them. It was because of one thing. Jealousy. They saw her and I get closer in a matter of months than any of them have ever been with her, or ever will be for that matter.

They are a petty bunch. Her granddaughter literally cried and came apart at the seems because her post on her grandmother's (my now former friend) Facebook page got deleted, and mine did not. Well, that could have had something to do with the fact that what her granddaughter posted to her page was HIGHLY inappropriate, while what I posted was a recipe that I came across and shared. I come to find out that her family staged an intervention (actually referred to it as such) to talk to her about me and this friendship that they did not approve of. Never mind the fact that the woman raised kids, raised her grand kids when the parents couldn't or wouldn't and then started to raise her great grandchildren when the whole cycle repeated itself. She had to stop raising great grandchildren because of health issues. It's fine for her to do all this work for them, but if she has a friendship with someone who appears closer to her than they are, well, that's no good.

To stage an intervention with someone because a FB post got deleted is just...insane to say the least. So, now I am thinking that she has given in to her family's wishes. She is letting them make her decisions and dictate what she will and will not do. I found all of this out recently. Unfortunately (for me), at the end of the day, family is going to win out. They will have their way. Even though I was closer to her than they ever were (or ever will be), when the dust settles, they are family, and I am not. And there is no way I can compete with that. I am slowly coming to grips with it. Her family should honestly be ashamed of themselves. They want this woman, who is their mother, grandmother, aunt, sister, cousin, etc, to live out her last years without a friend because of their insecurities. But, of course, this also says a lot about her too. She is pretty weak to let them control her like this.
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