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Generation Gap/Lifestyle Gap

How are grandparents here dealing with generation gaps between themselves and their grandchildren? In my case, I also have a lifestyle gap because my 10 year old granddaughter is raised by her father and his mother (not my family), who are completely different from me in personality and interests and values.

Some differences are minor: My 10 1/2 year old granddaughter does not know how to tie her shoes, doesn't care, and doesn't want me to teach her. Apparently this is the new trend for kids nowadays. Soon we will have a country filled with adults who can't tie a simple bow. So be it.

Some differences are disappointing: My granddaughter doesn't care for books. She can read (though she glances over pages so quickly, I'm not sure if she's comprehending), she apparently gets good grades in school, but she never finishes a book, or even seems interested in talking about them. Books were a big part of my childhood, and both my daughters loved to read. I continue to buy her books, but I know it's only for my own need, not her's. Her family doesn't read, and for all I know these books end up in the trash. I purchased Little Women for her upcoming birthday (a favorite of mine when I was in Fifth Grade), along with a DVD of the most recent movie.......but I took a look at the book and thought "Who am I kidding?" She never even made it through Anne of Green Gables, or The Secret Garden. And no, she doesn't read Harry Potter, either. Twilight and Hunger Games interest her, but not enough to actually finish those books, either.

Some differences are scary: I'm talking about sex. She has a Facebook profile, and her friends don't seem like Junior High kids. But apparently they are. The photos are slutty, the language profane, and the subjects are mostly about who's losing their virginity, what boy is scoring this weekend, etc.

She has a crush on a 14 year old boy who hangs out at the local rec center. Her response to any admonitions I might give to her is a rolling of eyes and a complete disregard for anything I'm saying. She kept her Facebook profile public even after I warned her about Internet predators (I changed it to private), and looked horrified when I accompanied her into the game room at the rec center where she planned to meet this boy privately.

It's such a different world. Welcome to 2012. Where little girls who haven't even gone through puberty, still sleep with teddy bears, and can't tie their about sex, think getting pregnant is funny, and ask for hair extensions when grandma goes shopping (next year she'll probably be asking for breast implants and a membership at a tanning salon.....and I'm only half joking).
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