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Re: abusive grandparents

I would sue them for the money from the checks that came in my name and my daughters name. Since they forged our signatures and took the money. They only used our names to avoid paying taxes on that money.
I'll have to get that Court Order, the judge did ask them if they would go to counseling if i agreed to give them visitation and they said they would. So than we negotiated the visitation. I gave them 2 months to find a counselor while still having visitation, & they never even tried to find a counselor. Because they don't want to pay for one, In court they had asked the judge if there was any way that i would be the one to pay for their counseling, Luckily he shot that one down cuz i was already paying for my daughters. So they have to pay for their own. Last i heard they now want me to pay for their attorney. That's not going to happen. They chose to get one to sue me they can pay for her themselves.
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