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Re: abusive grandparents

Originally Posted by bunny79 View Post
I agreed to the visitation cuz the judge said to either come up with one or he would. That scared me, cuz they wanted every weekend plus one day a week.
Wasn't their visitation contingent on:

They tried to get custody of her in April but the Judge shot them down. I verbally agreed to visitation every other weekend as long as they went to counseling which they agreed to but never did. It is now July and they have not even called around to find a counselor.
Did that come from the Judge? If it did and they have not gone to counseling then they have a problem. In other words: If the Judge ordered them to go to counseling and they have NOT complied then you are not obligated to give them visitation. Do you have the Court Order? If not, you can get a copy from the Circuit Clerks office.

It would be a good idea to make a folder for yourself and keep any and all information related to this situation.

I could not afford a lawyer & could not get one for free either cuz of the household income. I did get a free consultation from one lawyer who only gave me some advice.
I'm sure tat Lawyer gave you sound advice.

I still have not been served with any papers from their current threats of suing me, I told them I would counter sue them right back.
They probably won't bring this to court. Especially if the Court ordered them to attend counseling and they have yet to attend.

What would you countersue for?

The cop i talked to after their threatening call said that they were probably just blowing smoke or trying to scare me into giving them their way.
The Cop is probably right on target.

I found out my siblings are finally standing up to them and defending me. My daughters counselor is willing to help in any way he can to prevent them from seeing her again.
I'm glad you have a support system. Oh yes! Three cheers for your kids and sticking up for mom!
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