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Originally Posted by Cremebrulee View Post
Lady Love, think about bad turn doesn't deserve another...somewhere along the line, someone has to be more grown up and stop...this is actually how wars are started and people are killed.
I read your post thouroughly and I understand your point. But I think that it is fair to say that some people abuse kindness and no one should tolerate that kind of mistreatment. When I met my in-laws, especially my BIL's crazy wife, I was very meek and quiet. I kept to myself because I was shy. Naturally, I made conversation but you could tell in the tone of my voice that I was very nervous. I think that that nervousness made BIL's wife think that I was an easy target to be bullied.

I am now stepping out and being more forward with my feelings because I am tired of being stepped on. I was, in a sense, abused by my in-laws and I will not let anyone treat me that way ever again! I have to set a strong example for my children. I cannot have them watch their mommy be treated like poo. What will that say to them?

I know that you are older and with age comes wisdom but I feel that I have to speak up for myself sometime. I cannot be married and put up with this forever.

But thank you for sharing your point of view.
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