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Re: Unwanted Gifts

Originally Posted by KayKay View Post
ETA: This is a response to Creme's post #10

I agree with you Creme, but snafu is in a place where she has been very hurt by these people who have really put a strain on her marriage (maybe intentionally, maybe not, and I don't exonerated her DH). They may be trying to reach out to snafu (I'm hoping anyway... sorry snafu... I'm somewhat of an annoying Suzie Sunshine) because they realize she is raising their GD now, but I also think it's okay if snafu doesn't want gifts from them.

Sometimes gifts are bribery attempts, and they are hurtful. I have felt that way about gifts being given to me before, and I understand how snafu feels.

Honeyscukle - snafu hasn't told her pseudo IL's to stop with the gifts yet.

Creme - if someone was raised to give gifts, you'd think they'd also be raised to be respectful of others' wishes.
Yeah, Kay Kay, I hear ya, and definately know what you mean...truly....was just trying to look at another side....and yanno, I never thought of gift giving as being a part of bribery. I dunno, sometimes, I can be so naieve....and will tell you true, I am shocked at the behavior of some of these MIL's. Makes me really sad...and snafu, please know, I wasn't trying to make your problem with inlaws seem trivial....but I was thinking of me, and remembering situations while reading the posts of others...and trying to explain another point of view. I genuinally hope, that your in laws are trying hard to make ammends. It takes a long time, trust has to be earned..and it's difficult once someone hurts you like that.

I suppose what I was trying to impliment, is, that people, are never ever going to live up to our expectations...especially, those who are dysfunctional...they just don't know any better, it's all they know, it is who they are, and it is a shame that they effect so many other lives in a negative way.

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