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Re: When a dear friend leaves you and you don't understand why

Originally Posted by PeeWeeMomOf3 View Post
What a terrible situation. It seems like you gave her opportunities to talk and tell you if you did something wrong or to offend. You asked she answered no. She told you it's her own issue. Very sad. I think most of us humans want reasons and answers, but unfortunately we don't always receive them. I was just reading a story the other day on "the rules of ghosting", it's a terrible thing, and really not warranted unless there is some extreme abusive situation. It seems like more and more ghosting is done to people nowadays, between friends, family etc. At least you had some explanation from her, that this is just the way she is. She told you that, but it does not make it easy to bear when you love a friend and miss the friendship.
You summed it up perfectly about ghosting. It should never be done unless the situation is extreme. In which, case, if it has gotten that bad, then it's time for the law to get involved. But people who ghost just for the heck of it are going to end up regretting their actions when someone does it to them one day. I heard a saying once that went something like "you can not constantly do wrong yet expect right to follow you around". It's truly amazing how wrong people can be and yet stand there with a straight face and have expectations of good for themselves. An interesting thing about my now former friend, she still likes and comments on my posts on Facebook like everything is fine. She doesn't seem to get that that is adding insult to injury and only hurting me more. Her comments are nice and all, but they are a reminder of a once great friendship that is over now. And I'm afraid to say anything at all in the comments sections of my posts because she either won't reply or she will get all weird on me. She ignores private messages, phone calls, and texts. This pain is unlike anything I have ever experienced before and it's so horrendous that I would not wish it on my worst enemy. She just seemingly has no heart at all.
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