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Re: No gmos - really

That is what I have been busy with.

Finding a way to avoid the Alzheimer's from happening,

thru organics, exercise, blood sugar control, exercise, supplements *many* - reading thru OUR government purchase orders, etc.

And reading thru the SPIN. All people against deadly vaccines are quacks and mean. Huh?

All people against fluoride want bad teeth. Huh? * fluoride MIGHT have been great during the big SUGAR INDUSTRY push of the 40-60s - but not now. Ads pushed moms to do good by their kid and give LOTS OF SUGAR to help kids stay alert in school. VITAMIN Donuts ads, too!

DDT and cigarettes had research that claimed ALL SAFE. Even doctors KNEW that cigarettes caused CANCERS. But promoted for the MONEY!!!

Not now. Go away fluoride. If babies eat a tube of fluoridated toothpaste and we need to call poison safe is it?

keep on people. drink. the koolaid. its ok it has fluoride for teeth and bones. ha ha ha LOL. Purchased from :

*** of the free. kind of...maybe...not so much.
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