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Re: No gmos - really

Now? Well, I have learned a cool new Netflix program has REAL ACTUAL life from our USA CIA MKUltra. yep. it do. real. STRANGER THINGS... and it is bad. real. but bad.

then, I read about as many CIA, FBI, USA things I can find. YIKES.

really? Georgia guidestones? are they really real?

Fracking. Fluoride. MERCURY. Alzheimer's. Life saving Vaccines full of MERCURY that helps Alzheimer's and AUSTISM to flourish...mmr and autism, gmos, What is it with those strange white lines in the sky I do NOT recall from the 50's, 60s, 70s, ??? A vortex? wtf? the bizarre tsunamis? hurricanes? earthquakes?

whatever. I was complacent. believing. Waved the flag believing we were the most greatest country...we were...FREE. Now?

not so much.

Something is not so great. Gmos blowing into organic farms and those farms being shut down due to bogus PATENT laws. Soy, Corn, being responsible for making PESTICIDE 24/7. In the field, our stomachs....etc.


And just the mean toward people trying or knowing a better alternative to the questionable pharma trend. VACCINES.

I hear that vaccines will soon carry genetic material to CHANGE IT ALL. WHY? Is there NO stopping this?

People that have found an issue with vaccines are NOT saying STOP THEM ALL to kill babies and kids.

Just to find a SAFER way...

Thanks to Pres Regan - for wimping out when PHARMA threatened to stop making vaccines because of the many, many, many, many lawsuits of damage. He signed into law that NO ONE CAN SUE THE COMPANIE OR PEOPLE THAT DELIVER ANY VACCINES. EVER. NEVER.
Maybe his ALZHEIMER'S affected that decision? How can a PRESIDENT be
BLACKMAILED? HOW can this be allowed?

but it was. he signed. he caved. the rest is history. he died.

You can go thru VAERS site.


If your two hour old newborn dies from HEP B - I mean really -- HEP B>>> you can only sue the taxpayers of the USA.

NOT the BILLION dollar industries that make this second rate crap.

I am happy I am gluten free and organic.

Hurray for the free and the brave, right?
*** of the free. kind of...maybe...not so much.

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