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Re: No gmos - really

and I became concerned. Concerned about the bug killer spraying on houses, cars, kiddy pools, pets, sidewalks, etc. Kids waiting for the bus to take the to school early in the morning.

Yes. They sprayed the children...

"ITS SAFE. Just a nerve killing spray that ONLY affects all moths, caterpillers, all butterflies, bees, maybe some older folks, people with transplants, some kids with asthma... WHAT THE .????

Has any of the schools been alerted? Our next town is FULL of asthmatic children. My block has TWO people with transplants. ETC ETC ETC

I was in contact with the government agency overseeing this spray from day one. Informing them of a daughter with celiac that CANNOT be subjected to breathing that toxic mix all day. Windows closed, air conditioning on she would NOT be able to leave the house without some type of respirator.
Or the woman down the street with NEW LUNGS. People that did NOT see the card, go to library - know that this spray was to happen!!!

Our street was spared.

Which led me to many, many .GOV pdfs, and site that tell and paint a horrific picture of what is going on with OUR tax dollars - for no reason.
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