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Re: command performance

Originally Posted by snafu View Post
my DM relayed this to me

my OS called and informed (not asked) her daughters (one of whom is married, another is separated w/kids) that she'd made reservations for Easter Lunch and that they were to be at _______ at 12:30. OS has been told "no" by at least 1 of her kids.

(this is the sib who I think is a narcissist)
Not knowing all the details of the situation, on the one hand it could be OK, *if* it were an invitation that had some flexibility and wiggle room, as in this is where we'll be and when, we'd love it if you could join us, but we understand you may have other obligations. On the other hand, you said your sibling (OS = oldest sister, right?) might be a narcissist, so there must be trouble in there somewhere.
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