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Re: Am I losing it?

Originally Posted by LucyVanPelt View Post
I'm thinking, "Now you know why he was living in his car" and "No good deed goes unpunished."

It's time for your brother and his stuff to go.
Trust me, I am at that point, I want my life back .. kinks and all.. at least they are mine.

1. He isn't malicious or mean or abusive, he is just totally clueless and that happens to be toxic for me and my daughter. I am seriously worried he STILL doesn't have a clue, even that he is the one who PUT me in the hospital, he just won't LISTEN. It's like there's a switch he turns off if I open my mouth, nothing.. there is so much of nothing there its almost scary. I can say I will try but he may just ignore me then make my life even more of a nightmare.

2. I hate to say this but my other family (in another state) is not much better, my mom has a blind dog she understands/treats better than she does me .. to the point of going on ad-nauseam to me about how he just can't do anything and how new situations scare the poor thing then telling me to quit whining if I can't breathe while she is talking her head off... but back on point.. if I tell him to get out they will come down HARD on me.. no matter my reasons. I am not sure giving up one hell for another is a solution.. but I am seriously considering it regardless.

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