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Re: Help desperate for advice

KayKay is right -- you might not be in a position to have a confrontation about the comments made in the phone. Never thought that it could be a ploy to get you.

I do know something about how difficult it can be living with another person that you need to depend on for a solid roof over your head, yet feel so constrained and uncomfortable around.

You basically have no rights. You feel almost like a piece of property.

Work on getting out. Don't bring up what you read on her phone. It might be the real feel by her, might not. But you are unhappy now and this relationship is not sounding too healthy for you.

You showed her kindness and gave of yourself because you cared. She didn't notice. Some people are this way...takers?

What is the point in this if you are the one that truly cares and gives while she does mean things behind your back? Why would she do this?

Her goal is...what?

There may be some help for you at shelters for women who are in a bad relationship. To me, this sounds like a bad relationship where you feel you have no place to turn to. Emotional abuse. That, at the worst, you find your clothes and belongings in the driveway and the locks changed!

Be safe.
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