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23 Yr old at home, no job - tough love

Our 23 year old son still lives at home. He has no job and no social life. He basically is at home all day on the computer, to which he says he is studying. Don't know what. He has had 2-3 different jobs, but only for 4-6 months and then he get either laid off or fired. He and my husband, his biological Dad don't get along. His Dad wants to just throw him out. I want him out too, but don't know if I could just put him on the street with no place to go. He is a good kid. Never been in any trouble, just doesn't seem to have any motivation to want to do anything for himself. He does have a stubborn streak much like his Dad. They get into arguments and say things to each other that are hurtful. Last week his Dad told him that he hates him. This was hurtful to me too. I love my son but agrees he needs to move out on his own. My husband has told me that if our son does not move out, he will. We also have an 18 year old daughter that just finished high school and is the total opposite of her brother. She tries to do it all and we are proud of her. She loves her brother very much and it hurts her too to see her brother and Dad fighting. My husband can be very mean about the whole situation. He should be the adult but many times, he is the one that provokes the argument. I love my husband and my son but sometimes I feel like I can't live with either of them. My daughter is about to leave for college and feel once she is out of the house, things will just get worse with my son and husband. Please, anyone that has any suggestions, please share.
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