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Re: sleep apnea

Hi snafu - it's me: the health "KOOK" again.

I had some issues with sleep and narrowed it down to about 5 things that could be the cause:

thyroid *i have a goiter, Hormones *or lack of, Diet *stopped all caffeine in pm, Hormones *I found a Dr. I take a teeny little bit of replacement every other day, Exercise *trying to walk more and more, Blue light after dusk - * huh?, Stress *working on it.

For the Thyroid/goiter I take Iodine/supps to support it - not bad but I have crazy amounts of energy all day and sometimes find myself cleaning at 11 pm! Not good for sleep but the house looks great

Diet -- well I found my 95% cacao or any amount/type of chocolate is the same as a cup of my double extra strong coffee - so that was stoppedin pm.

Exercise - trying to get in more. T R Y I N G

Blue Lights - there is a web site. I try to eliminate blue light things - like my computer, TV and even cell phone, at/after dusk. If I MUST have the tv on, I wear orange colored glasses. I have yellow light bulbs in night lights and lamp by my bed. It is the strangest of things...but I sleep a heck of a lot better. I eliminated ALL light creeping in *window/etc., in my room. It is total darkness.

Stress - phsh. Have near infrared lights on stands to help with I can't even REMEMBER now! The warmth does help with joint/muscle issues. I wear goggles under the lamps. Supposed to help detox crazy things.

But the blue light thing really intrigued me! There can be alot of electrical current too. I turn off the living room at the electric panel to shut off wifi and tv and all that. I also unplug all lamps in room. NO TV here.

-- like I said: health KOOK

Sleep is so important. Next it's trying to get rid of fluoride. Just to see if there is a benefit.

Hope all is well!!!
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