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Mother Wasting Away

Hi everyone.

I have an issue I need advice on from others who donít personally know my family. It seems I find the best help on forums like these
Iím a Junior in High School, my mother is 48 and going through menopause.
Iím not really sure how to start this off, but Iíll try to make it flow smoothly:

When this started, Iím not exactly sure, but I feel like itís been this way for a few months. My mother has started to not care about life at all, it seems. She letís herself waste away, day after day, on the couch of our home. About a little more than a year ago, sheís started working from home on her conputer for a loan servicing company (sheís been with them for about a decade). Now that sheís home all the time, she does nothing. And when sheís not working, sheís shopping on Amazon, playing on apps, playing on our Xbox, watching TV shows. I kid you not, she doesnít move from that couch. Messes build up to the point where I have to clean up after her, her laundry never gets done so she wears filthy clothes constantly, my step-dad is always having to go pick up dinner somewhere since she never cooks anymore, it takes her about a week to even take a shower, and she complains anout being overweight 24/7 when she never even takes the effort to change that while she eats Pirate Booty and chips & dip all day long as well as her bottle of wine a night. As a 16 year old, I already feel like Iíll have to change her diapers soon, too. Itís pathetic and dissappointing. Not to mention that whenever I play a video game, she has to get into it, too. She stays on video games until the wee hours of the morning, and sleeps in until 12 in the afternoon. I donít think she understands that I want a functioning mother, not a 48 year old best friend. I may sound like a ďdisrespectful teenagerĒ in this post, but frankly, Iím very kind to her and donít put her down. This has been bottled up for so long, and Iím going to burst.
My mother and father were never married, even when I popped up in her belly. Ever since I was 2, Iíve gone back and forth between their houses. Both are remarried, I have a little half brother on my dadís side, and Iím an only child for my mom. Whenever I come home from my dadís house, the dirty dishes are literally piled up so high, they touch our cabinets. I end up doing 3 loads in a day, along with the loads of home-work I have from my AP classes. Sheíll pay me to do her laundry for her as she sits on her *** all day doing nothing at all.
She has depression, anxiety, and ADHD
I donít know what to do. No one has advice for this.

Thanks for any help.
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