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Re: Am I losing it?

Originally Posted by KayKay View Post
This isn't about your brother, but Mom to Mom --

If your daughter is 20 years old and has a job, she's capable of making sure she is eating. If she is not, and you are dying, she needs to learn. How will she take care of herself when you're gone? If your daughter has special needs that prevent her from living independently, do you have provisions in place for her?

I agree with Knot2Loud. Your brother is waiting for you to die, even seemingly helping that along by dropping trash bags on your stomach and leaving things in your path for you to trip over. He's going to clean out your house and leave your daughter with nothing.
Kay, my daughter is using her money to help me pay bills and buy groceries. She has never been able to keep a paycheck to herself except when my best friend pays the bills for a month to give us a breather. She is also the one who helps me in the house when I just can't do it anymore. If anything she knows to much about responsibility and has for a long time now. She doesn't live on her own because she knows I need her, not the other way around.

When I pass, or if I last 6 mths, my best friend and her husband are buying us a house down the street from them (another state). I will move there with my daughter or she will go alone, it will be hers for as long as she wants it. If I go first, they have a room set up for her. No matter what, she is covered.
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